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How the Loadout Works

Welcome to the Neon District: Season One Loadout!

The goal of the loadout is largely to help mitigate risk around proving we can hook up all of this technology together – from the blockchain assets to the centralized game server to the progression table design. It’s like a huge symphony of moving pieces, and as such needs to be deployed and road-tested one part at a time.


This basically comes in two parts:

1) You have a Founders Key


2) You are making a new account

Founder Keyholder Registration

If you don’t know what a Founders Key is, then you can skip this section altogether.

For our Founder Keyholders, we’re opening things up a bit early so they can kick the tires and get access to some super-special content in return.

To link your key to your account:

  1. Fill in the form with the username, email, and password you want.
  2. Click that Wallet Signature button and sign the transaction with the wallet that contains your Trophy or Key
  3. Check your email for a verification code, just like every normal account registration you’ve always done.
New Registrations

Once the Founders Loadout Week is over, our players who don’t have a Founders Key can register for the Loadout.

There’s nothing special here. It’s just like registering for any other site. You just need an email address. The only thing you have to do is wait until Founders Week is over on October 18th.

Asset Acquisition

After you’ve logged in, the next step is to start collecting characters and their gear.

Free Stuff!

With every new Season One Loadout account sign up, we’re giving you a free character to level up. Don’t worry, once the game is live, you’ll be able to play and acquire characters for free as you complete the story missions – just like any normal game.

We’re also giving you 3 free Juice to go along with that character. Juice is essentially bottled nano-material and is used to evolve your character’s abilities to their next level. Again, in the game, you can earn all of these by simply playing through the content.

Finally, you can also send an additional free character to up to three of your friends, so get to sharing Neon District!

What’s for Sale in the Loadout?

Since there are no missions to play during the Loadout, we’re simulating the in-game loot drop mechanic with loot crates of random items. But the in-game mission reward drops will have similar percentage rates to maintain a clean level of scarcity.

All of this is driven by requirements associated with minting all these assets on the blockchain. Designs for these kinds of things need to be forward-looking and durable.

Anyway – back to what’s for sale!

Like purchasing items in other free-to-play games, the first thing you’ll need to do is buy some of our in-game currency, Neon. Once your account is loaded, you can spend it on any of the other goods and services in Neon District.

With your Neon, you can buy:

  • Additional Characters – Characters are the core of Neon District. Each character has slots for one weapon and four pieces of armor. During gameplay, you’ll be able to select items from your inventory and equip each of your characters.
  • Juice – Juice is used to level characters. Injecting more Juice increases the power of an Edit, but successively higher doses are needed each time to effect additional change. Eventually, no more change is possible.
  • Crates of Gear – To simulate mission reward drops, we’re selling crates of four random pieces of weapons and armor. Each piece of gear will be one of five rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Ultra Rare, and Legendary.
  • Parts – Similar to how Juice levels characters, Parts are used to level gear. “Parts” is shorthand for “Nano Particulate”. This is a nano-material substrate that can be programmed to upgrade physical objects.

Opening the Crates of Gear

Each crate contains four random pieces of weapons and armor. Each of those pieces rolled on a table based on rarity. In addition to being more economically scarce, the rarer an item is, the higher it starts on the leveling chart.

Standard Drop Rates for Gear

Standard Drop Rates
Common 47.00%
Uncommon 28.00%
Rare 15.35%
Utra Rare 8.25%
Legendary 1.40%


Special Keyholder Drop Rates for Gear

Keyholder Drop Rates
User Key Super-User Key Admin Key Root Key God Key & Trophies
Common 35.35% 34.75% 34.75% 34.00% 24.00%
Uncommon 34.00% 32.00% 28.90% 25.50% 24.25%
Rare 19.35% 21.35% 23.35% 24.60% 29.85%
Utra Rare 9.40% 9.75% 10.35% 11.75% 17.00%
Legendary 1.90% 2.15% 2.65% 4.15% 4.90%

Leveling Up

Once you’ve got your Season One Loadout account set up, you can start leveling your free character with your free Juice. This should give you a feel for how it’s going to work in the game in addition to exercising our level up mechanics on the backend.

As part of a Character’s basic stats, they also have a pool of ten CARDs – or Cyber-Assisted Response Directives. And, you will always have neither more nor fewer CARDs.

At the start, they are all basic, common cards, but as you level, similar to a traditional deckbuilder game, you can replace CARDs in that pool. Each level will give you the opportunity to enhance the strength and focus of your character.

This opportunity to increase your character’s power comes in the form of what we’re calling Power Ups. Each of these Power Ups can represent one of the following:

  • A single CARD
  • A few stats to increase
  • A combination of both (Coming soon once the Founders Program helps us to balance this option)

When you evolve your character, you’ll have a choice of three different, random Power Ups. You choose the one that best fits how you want to level up your character.

Leveling weapons works in a similar fashion. Each weapon comes with ten preloaded CARDs, and every time you spend Parts to Upgrade your gear, you again get the opportunity to increase that weapon’s power and abilities. Every upgrade sees you choose one of three new Power Ups for your weapon.

Finally, upgrading armor with Parts is similar to leveling characters and weapons, but slightly different. Armor doesn’t come with CARDs, but will have Power Up choices based on boosting the character’s Skills and Abilities.

Example Items

We’re really excited about how all of this comes together, and we wanted to show off some of our favorite gear and CARDs. For context, you can check out our glossary document of terms.

Full Stop
Class Thrusting
Type Attack
Rank 6
Description +350 ATK. Attack target enemy. Temporary (1)
Exploit Medium Exploit (Any): Increase the Temporary level of this card by 1
Tick Cost 40


Press the Button
Class Genius
Type Effect
Rank 9
Description Replace: Gain +25 Mech for this Battle.
Exploit N/A
Tick Cost N/A


Class Thrusting
Type Ability
Rank 6
Description Insert 2 Rip!. Medium: Upgrade all Rip! and Bleed
Exploit Medium Exploit (Any): Upgrade all Rip! and Bleed in their pool.
Tick Cost 35


Class Heavy
Type Ability
Rank 3
Description Inflict Ignore Attacks (1) on target enemy.
Exploit Medium Exploit Tactics: Inflict Ignore Attacks (2)
Tick Cost 30


Natoshi Sakamoto
Slot Head
Description If you have 4 pieces of Sakamoto Armor equipped, +15% Stealth.